Why did we chose Roskilde?


Testimonials from teachers and parents


IMG 0571 IW  IRENA WACKER, Roskilde


My name is Irena Wacker and I work at Skt. Josef’s School. I have been living in Roskilde for 20 years with my husband and our 2 boys, who are 17 and 13 years old.

We chose Roskilde because of its beautiful nature, history and also because of its various educational options. All from a short distance from our house there is daycare for smaller children, good schools and Roskilde University.

We live a very active life, doing a lot of sport. Roskilde fjord with its interesting Viking Museum and facilities for rowing, sailing and other water activities is a natural centre for family fun.


64496858  GERALDINE WALTON-SMITH, Roskilde


My name is Geraldine Walton-Smith and I work at Skt. Josef’s School. I have been living in Roskilde for the last four years with my husband and my son.

I find Roskilde to be picturesque yet practical place to get around and a very family-orientated city. It’s a cosy place to be in the winter with its quaint cafe-bars and vibrant in the summer as it gears-up to host one of Scandinavia’s biggest festivals.  

The great thing about living in Roskilde is you are only 20 minutes by train from Copenhagen if you fancy a day or night out in the capital of Denmark.




PIERRE KARY, Canadian citizen living in Roskilde
Skt. Josefs International School is the right school for our children.
We chose to send our children to the International department of Skt. Josef’s School for a number of reasons.

Obviously, the location was right for us. Roskilde is known to be one of the best places to raise a family on Sjæland. Roskilde is a city with a provincial feel, plenty of green spaces and bordering the natural countryside.  It has plenty of places to run, bike , horseback riding, sailing and other activities to allow us to have a rich family life.

We were not worried about Skt. Josefs International School being a “new school” since it was being set up within the existing structure of the well-established Skt. Josefs School. This was comforting. We knew that the administrative and teaching resources would be professional. A new school actually provides many advantages including smaller class sizes and highly personalized attention for both us and our children.

Importantly, Skt. Josefs International School provides the flexibility that our children need. By learning in English, our kids will continue to progress at their individual levels in English, math and other traditional subjects while learning Danish so as to eventually become fluent and fully integrated into Danish society. Their academic development will not slow and they will develop their Danish. They will also have the opportunity to interact a great deal with Danish kids at Skt. Josefs. This will help their Danish integration while still being able to excel academically. It is perfect combination for our kids and for us.

Finally, but not the least important, the value system and philosophy of Skt. Josefs School suited our values. Skt. Josefs made it clear to us that their priority is that our children enjoy learning and develop strong social and personal skills. These are lifelong lessons which we wanted for our children.
We are pleased to have selected Skt. Josefs International School for our children.

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