Welcome to Skt. Josef's International Department

Skt. Josef’s is a private school. With over 110 years experience of providing education to the community in Roskilde, we provide a unique learning environment for children from Kindergarten right through to Year 11 (5-16 years). The school’s International Department builds on this experience and combines the best from the Danish educational system with an international curriculum for the 21st century- the Cambridge University of Examinations.

In August 2012, we welcomed our first group of international students. Ever since then the International department has continued to grow, offering places for 5 year olds in Year 1 through to 16 year olds in Year 11.

Whilst our academic traditions and approach to teaching are firmly grounded in an enhanced and rigorous Cambridge Curriculum, there are many aspects of school life that have a more global focus which is contextualised to our location in Denmark. The result is that our students not only achieve excellent results, but are open-minded and develop a natural ability to reflect on the international environment around them.

Academic achievement is, of course, important but it is often skills and values which are less easy to measure that will help someone fulfil their potential. Skt. Josef is a place where children can thrive, inspired by passionate teachers and supported by excellent pastoral care. Our students are confident, articulate and engaged and we are immensely proud of all of their achievements and their positive approach to all aspects of school life. Skt. Josef’s is really a very special learning community and I would be delighted to welcome you for a visit.





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