Roskilde town


Skt. Josef´s School is situated in the historic centre of Roskilde, close to the Cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and surrounded by beautiful parks.


Roskilde's history goes back more than 1000 years and is famous for the vikings who ruled the fjord. Later on the kings and queens of Denmark chose Roskilde Cathedal as their burial church


Roskilde is a vibrant city and every year hosts Scandinavias biggest music event – the Roskilde Festival. Roskilde was recently voted the best commercial centre and the best town for youth in Denmark.


Roskilde has a high density of elementary, lower secondary, secondary schools, technical colleges and further education institutions, all within a five kilometre radius.


The city is also home to Roskilde University (RUC), Danish Technology University (DTU), University College Zealand (UCSJ) and the coming Risø Park, a development and business park focussing on clean technology. Roskilde County has a vision of making the city an international educational centre of excellence.


Roskilde is situatuated 30 km west of Copenhagen. From here Roskilde can be reached by train or car within 25 minutes.




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