Meet the parents

Parents’ Council

Each class at Skt. Josef’s School has a Parents’ Council that has the task of arranging social gatherings to promote fun activities outside the school. This gives pupils the chance to meet in a different setting, and gives parents the chance to informally meet with other parents.

All parents are also automatically members of the school’s Forældreforening. This association provides support for projects, arranges social activities at the school level and is represented on the school board. The working language of the association is Danish.


International Parents Committee (IPC)

The IPC is a highly valued association that exists to support the International Department. It has two important tasks: 1) to help support networking amongst parents and pupils, 2) to help with the ongoing school improvements via fundraising and awareness campaigns. All parents are automatically members of the IPC together with the head of the International Department and a teacher representative.


Facebook Group


The IPC has an active Facebook group to which all new families in the international department are invited. They help the school integrate new families into the Roskilde International Community.



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