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Skt. Josef’s School was established in 1904 with the primary aim of providing Danish school education. In the more than 110 years since its inception Skt. Josef has shown itself to be very progressive and innovative. As such, it has now grown to a school of more than 850 students offering three different types of educational directions:


The International Department/school

The International Department started in August 2012 due to popular demand from expatriates moving to Roskilde, returning Danes from abroad and families in and around Roskilde wanting a full English-based education for their children. The education system is based on the Cambridge University of Examinations curriculum. We offer schooling from Year 1 to Year 11 (5 – 16 year olds).

  • Primary Department ( Year 1- Year 6)

  • Secondary Deparment (Year 7 – Year 11)



The Danish Department

The Danish department offers the traditional Danish curriculum to students from 6 years to 16 starting in Børnehave Klasse through to 9 Klasse, and then with an offer of an additional 10 Klasse. The department is divided into 4 distinct sections as follows:

  • Inskoling

  • Mellemtrinet

  • Overbygningen

  • 10 Klasse



The Danish Department mixed with International Classes (our I-classes)

Due to an increasing demand from parents for more in-depth English education Skt. Josef is now offering two classes where part of the education is in English in addition to the normal English classes.

  • 10i Cambridge class

  • 7i Cambridge class


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