Joining Skt. Josef’s International School

Joining Skt. Josef’s International School


Skt. Josef’s International School was established to support expatriates’ children and provide them with a relevant schooling. However, we accept children with all kinds of personal or family reasons for joining us. Currently we have children of expatriates, children of mixed couples, Danish children who have lived abroad with their parents and Danes wanting an international education.


If you are interested in enrolling your child in the International Department, please contact our Admissions Officer Rikke Holm by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



Enrolment Procedure  

  • Please complete the registration form online and pay the registration fee of DKK 500 to the account listed on the form.

  • Depending on when you require a place for your child and whether we have vacant places in the department, you will then be invited to an enrolment interview. Please bring your child along with you if possible.

  • At the enrolment interview we will cover such topics as: values, traditions, school philosophy, academic topics, teaching staff, students, parents, expectations and co-operation, your child/children.

  • Based on the dialogue with you as a parent and with your child’s best interests in mind, we will then offer you a place if our school is considered suitable for your child.

  • A letter of confirmation will be sent directly to you.


School Fees 2018 (11 Months)



School Fee (monthly)

(11 months)

After School Programme (SFO) 

7.00-8.00  and  12.45-17.00

   (12 months)

Year 1 to 6  2,750 DKK  1.549 DKK

Year 7 to 9

 3,250 DKK   
 IGCSE (Year 10 to 11)  3,575 DKK   



Siblings Rebate:

Kr 70 for the second child at school

Kr 80 for the third child at school

Free for the fourth child at the school.


Siblings Rebate is only assigned to children in the same household and the same abode .

Rebate is automatically assigned so that the oldest child is child number 1, the second oldest child number 2 and so on.





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