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”A time and place for activities with friends.”


 The SFO is an after school facility offered to children at Skt. Josef from Year 1 through to Year 4 in the International department as well as 0 klasse to 3 klasse in the Danish department. The SFO offers the possibility for the child to be cared for, before and after the normal school day in a safe and secure environment. A child must be registered separately with the SFO, from the normal school registration. Registration can be made via a form, which can be found under admissions on our website.


Description of SFO:


We use the school’s specially allocated classrooms and schooling facilities for the younger children. We also have our own local area called “Blæksprutten” (the Octopus) which is where we play board games and sometimes we serve the afternoon snacks here. This is also where we are located during our morning session from 07:00- 7:50. This is then shut down for 10 mins before school start, so that children can get some fresh air before the school day starts at 08:00.


The paedagoges (teachers specially educated in taking care of young children) also participate in the teaching in the school several times a week in various classes to thus have the chance to see how the children function in their normal school environment. The paedagoges participate in school/home interviews and parent meetings once during the school year and as far as possible in the school’s activities.


The primary paedagoge will collect his/her class every day when the school ends and tell about the day’s activities in the SFO, which could range from things such as role playing, live Stratego, bands, creative pursuits and other physical activities.


When your child is enrolled in school, either for our upcoming 0 klasse in the Danish department, or in Year 1 in the International department, there is an additional offer to start in our MiniSFO from the 1st of May. This gives the children a chance to acclimatize to school and after school life in a comfortable and safe environment, as the mini-children get their own area, with two fixed SFO paedagoges affiliated. Here the children will also be presented to the SFO’s other staff, our various activities as well as all the other children who will start in August. There will be a specially organized minSFO programme that the children will be told of at the start of each week.


When the school’s summer holiday starts, the mini-SFO will close and your children will now be considered a normal part of the SFO with all the other SFO children. The SFO will be open all day during the sommer holidays.


For more information, please come and visit us between 13:00 and 17:00 any weekday for an informal talk. There will be a special introduction meeting for those new students starting in our SFO programme on the 1st of May. This meeting will take place on the 22nd April from 10:00- 11:30 in the Assembly Hall of the school.





Frederiksborgvej 10

4000 Roskilde

Telefon: 46 30 46 18  or 46 30 46 19


E-mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Denne email adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.    



Opening times in the SFO:

Mornings:          07:00 - 07:50

Afternoons:  12:45 - 17:00

In the school holidays and miniSFO time opening hours are between 07.00-17.00




Brian Heim


Department manager  "indskolingen" Brian Heim





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Contact Susanne Duun

+45 6060 8127




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International SFO-coordinator Mikkel Bille Poulsen
















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